Annalise: 6 Months Old


You are 6 months old! You have continued to be an absolute delight to our family. You are the sweetest, sweetest thing. You smile so easily and truly light up when you see your family. You love to gnaw on our faces and give us kisses. You have started to coo and do a belly chuckle when you're really giggling. You love baby food but threw up when I didn't mash your banana enough! You love grabbing your toes and sticking your tongue out. 

This month was full of adventures! We had family come in town, so you went all over Manhattan to see many tourist landmarks. You had your first two flights on our trip to NC and you were AWESOME on both flights. You sat through another movie - although you were sleepy and we had to pace the halls a bit until you fell asleep. 

You met your Scoggins cousins, including baby Katherine! Everyone loved your squishiness, and Luke loved singing "I believe I can fly!" to you. You went in the pool and to the splash pad - you seemed pretty indifferent to the water. 

This month you were sick a few times - throwing up and fever and cold. Poor little one, you're pitiful when you're sick and yet you remain so sweet. You're still not sleeping through the night but not waking up as much anymore. You like to sleep on your side in the pack and play. You have mastered putting the pacifier in your mouth and you like to play with toys. On your 6 month birthday you started to sit up a little longer without falling over! 

You're still deliciously chunky and you're wearing 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. 

We just love you dearly little Annalise. I was thinking the other day that last June we had our first scare finding out that there was a hematoma in my placenta, and now you're here and so very perfect for our family. I'm thankful for God's provision and care for you little one. 

It's been half a year with you Annie girl! It's been hard but it is getting easier. You have been carved into my heart and my flesh is marked by you. I wouldn't change this journey because you're here and you're already changing our family in the greatest ways.