Trip South: Days 3 & 4

Thursday of our trip we drove to Hendersonville, where my mom and dad watched Edith and my sister's kids. Annalise, Sarah and I drove to Spartanburg to see my brother Daniel and his little family!

Sarah had some Starbucks gift cards so we splurged on some caffeine!

Meanwhile, Nana was being a super-woman with craft time with the kiddos.

Daniel is opening his own Lidl store in Spartanburg later in July. We visited another Lidl store so he could show us the layout! He trained the employees at this store, it was neat to see him in his element.

Little Annie in one of the kid buggies. I was tempted to wheel her around the store in this but resisted :)

Lidl is like a nicer Aldi. Definitely check it out!

We loaded up on some fresh pastries and chocolates and headed over to meet baby Katherine!

Such a sweet little angel baby! I had some allergies so I only held her for a quick picture. Annalise seemed like a massive giant next to her cousin! Lindsey and Dan seem to be adjusting like rockstars!

Sarah took some newborn pictures of Katherine, and we snuck in a few pictures of Annie while we were there.

In true Scoggins style, Dan and Lindsey waved to us until we were out of sight.

When in the South, you must have Cook-out milkshakes. At this point my eyes were watering and face felt super itchy from allergies, if you can't tell.

We picked up the big kids and I sat in the very back with Luke. He said: "Does Annie have eyebrows? Will Annie have a fidget spinner when she's older?"

Friday morning my childhood BFF Joanna and her husband Graham came over! When I visited NC last October she shared the news with me that she was pregnant, and now we were able to gush over our babies together. What a sweet gift!

We went out to lunch with our babies and then I headed back to the airport to fly home.