Trip South: Day 2

Wednesday morning my sister Rachel and her kids came over, and my mom did too! We spent the morning around the house then loaded up the kids and headed to the Marion city pool.

We had a birthday celebration for Sarah with a deeeelicious "ding dong cake" from McFarlan's bakery in Hendersonville. It was so good.

Little girls in their sailor bathing suits. Edith insisted on the bow. Love my little Southern babies.

Little ones in the kiddie pool:

I got to play in the big pool with Edith. She would say: "I'm a fish! I'm a seahorse! I'm a shark!" and she LOVED swimming and kicking and jumping off the side. Sweet girl has only been in a pool a handful of times over the past few years because we just don't have easy access to one. I absolutely loved swimming around with her, even if the water was really cold. It's a special memory for me!

Our family took over the pool.

Shout out to Noah for being a baby whisperer all week:

Little roly poly is the snuggliest thing!

Love these built in best friends:

Mama got to snuggle a sleeping baby while we watched Beauty and the Beast. These moments are why I'm thankful retook the trip south. I want my babies to be held by their grandparents.

Afternoon snuggles:

Luke loved Annie and kept singing "I believe I can fly!" to her, which was so adorable. He's the sweetest and I really hope that Annie gets some mellow 3rd-kid charm from her cousin.

It's true, she's the sweetest:

Day 2 was a success. Although I started to get some major allergy flare-ups from all the trees/grass/fresh air. I kept thinking, how do you people live like this?! ha! Sarah and I watched part of the Bachelorette but I went to bed early because of the allergies!