Visitors: Dan and Lindsey

 We were so blessed to have my brother Dan and his wife Lindsey come visit us for a quick trip! They came in late Friday night and left early Sunday morning in March, but we packed a lot in that day! We watched Trolls, took naps, ate bagels, went to "Running Kids" in Sunset Park, and got dessert cheesecake that we ate while giggling at a new game.

Daniel and Lindsey have been in a season of change lately, they came and visited us last summer, and then Daniel came again in September when they were living in Washington DC. They went to London for a few months and when they were in DC again they made this trip happen! Whew, I'm tired just thinking about all of their moves but I'm SO excited that they are moving for good to Spartanburg, SC where they will be closer to the rest of our family and when we do visit the South, we can meet their little baby!

Lindsey is always the best aunt. She brought little Easter decorations for the kids to paint!


I think all of the Scoggins grandbabies have a picture of Daniel pointing at them.


Dan and Lindsey picking out dessert:


Dan and baby Annie: 

Daniel and Lindsey are expecting their first baby in June! I was able to pass along all of my newborn girl stuff, and it was so fun to see Lindsey's cute little bump and celebrate them being pregnant! I'm so excited for them to be parents!!