30th Birthday Party!

Well, I've crossed into my thirties!  I told Will I wanted to do something really FUN and inclusive - we could send out invites and not have to worry about who could make it or fitting in our apartment. We saw that ice skating ended on April 2 at the Lefrak Center in Prospect Park, so we settled on that!

We did a 1987 theme and Will completely surprised me by coming out of the bathroom with his face painted. Apparently he is the Ultimate Warrior.

Our fun group (minus Jill and Brian!)

What was REALLY special to me was that my sister Rachel came in town just in time for my party! We celebrated her 30th birthday together and it meant SOOO much to me that she was willing to fly up to make mine special too.


Will had a hidden talent for ice skating. He had these hilarious flowy crepe paper sleeves that fluttered when he skated, which made him look all the more graceful, ha!

I, however, did not have the same grace for skating. I did a few circles and tried to skate backwards a little, but my skills were pretty few. There were some talented people, including Brian Lim who is actually a hockey player! 


It was such a fun night! Last year we had a game night at our home. It was really fun but this year we wanted to do something out in the city and have a babysitter so we didn't have to worry about the kids waking up!

I was telling Will that there's something refreshing about birthdays (and I do love birthdays!). It's one day a year that people check in with you, you can justify being a little selfish. I appreciated the posts and messages and people just being so kind and loving. One of our friends even sent us dessert!

Honestly, the weeks leading up to my birthday I had a little bit of anxiety about turning 30. There is something so ADULT about being in your thirties (yeah I know, I have three kids. I'm an adult.) But I just feel like 30 is such a long jump from 20! Am I old and irrelevant, ha?!

But the day of my birthday, I came out to my sweet little family. My husband of 8 years had prepared a little birthday setup. My son with multiple disabilities sang me happy birthday for the first time. My 3 year old opened my gifts for me. My baby girl gave me the sweetest snuggles. I love where I live and I'm so blessed to have an overwhelming plate full of blessings. Although sometimes (most times) my day to day seems kind of mundane, I have accomplished a lot by God's grace. I'm raising three precious souls! I still love and like my husband! I live in New York and am a part of a beautiful mission here. It's good to have these annual markers where you can sit back and say, wow, God is faithful! So here's to the goodness and grace of the past 30 years, and for the goodness and grace to come.


  1. I'm really happy for you that you had such a fun birthday celebration. From the little I've read of your life and mission on this blog, it is evidence that you have accomplished so much in your short 30 years and will undoubtedly continue to do so. You and your husband are a great example of folks doing the Lord's work and living faithfully each day, and you are an inspiration! Best birthday wishes!


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