Visitors: Calli, Chandler & Rachel!

What a month for visitors!!

A few days after my parents left, Calli and Chandler, two of our former college students from our ministry in Alabama, came to visit us. It was their first time to NYC and they were such fun guests! They came in Saturday and we went to the park with the kids, then that afternoon we went into Manhattan and did a bunch of tourist stops. Sunday we had church, rest time, and then took the kids on the Staten Island Ferry! Monday the girls went off on their own into the city for more touristing, and then Tuesday we had breakfast before they headed back to the airport.

It was a great visit with these girls. Calli and Chandler were very close friends of ours in Alabama and they often babysat our kids then. Having them back to love on our family and meet baby Annie just seemed right! They were so patient and attentive with my kids and it was so refreshing for me to be near these fun girls.


I'm also glad that we had the chance to take the kids on adventures. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to take them places because all three kids can have their challenges but having extra hands makes it so much more manageable, especially young, eager helpers!



THEN! The next weekend, my sister Rachel came in town! Rachel came up to help me celebrate turning 30! It was another fast trip but we didn't pack it all in like we did last year.

Saturday night Rachel came in right before my birthday party (ice skating!) and it was really fun skating and making that memory with her.

Sunday morning we had church, then Rachel and I picked up bagels and rested at home until Will came home. We went to the Narrows Botanic Garden and then Rachel and I took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, some window shopping and dinner at Ho'Brah! We came home, watched "The Cutting Edge" and ate cheesecake! 


Monday morning Rachel helped me rearrange and organize Edith's room and then she headed into the city for a little solo adventuring before flying home!


I'm soooo thankful that Rachel came up to visit me, meet Annalise and help me celebrate entering a new decade! I'm so blessed to be friends with my sister and that we share so much in common. It was a relaxing and just refreshing visit with her.