Dan's Visit / Block Party

 My brother Daniel came to visit us in September!! At the time Dan was in DC for a few weeks for a job training, and he is currently living in London, England for a few months before his company plants him somewhere in the South again :). He had a free weekend during his training and decided to visit, and we were SO thankful for time with him! Dan and Lindsey came at the beginning of the summer and I just am really thankful to have the opportunities to spend time together.

It was a super fast trip, because Dan got in late Friday night, and left after church Sunday. We were able to enjoy several things though! Our block had a planned block party that Saturday, and Daniel and I snuck away to see a movie (Sully) and that night we went to watch the Auburn game at St. Pat's in Manhattan with the other Auburn fans in town :).

Israel loved the extra attention from uncle "NoNo" / Daniel. Dan is so sweet with my kids!

This was the first time Edith has kind of gotten the hang of picking up her leg while scooting on her scooter. Most NYC kids are pros on the scooter and we still need to get some outside practice, but she's going to pick it up soon enough!

I love this picture of Israel:

In the afternoon the bounce houses were set up!


They had the Titanic big slide again this year, and again Edith surprised everyone with her amazing independence. The worker was surprised that she didn't need any help.

Edith passed out on the couch afterwards. So much for not napping!


 Dan, my friend/neighbor Mary and I headed to Manhattan to watch Auburn play. We ran into a few other friends of mine from high school!

It was a fun weekend with my brother and we packed as much in as we could. He was able to go to church with us and we drove him to the airport afterwards. The kids were sad when he left!

PS Block Party 2015.