Visitors: Nana and Papa

 My mom and Dad came to visit us in March! It was a quick 2-day trip (although their trek home was over 24 hours thanks to a terrible airline experience!).

We packed a lot in. While Israel was at school we took the girls to Beauty and the Beast. Edith had fun at the movies, but she got a little bored towards the middle. Annalise did great and slept the whole movie!

Although my mom came in January to help with the baby, she was surprised at how big Annalise had gotten! It was my dad's first time meeting the baby, and he hadn't seen my kids since last August. It was neat to show off how much Israel and Edith have changed, especially with Israel walking all over the place now.


We went to get donuts and Edith insisted on the party hat.


One day the weather was BEAUTIFUL so we took the kids to the park. The sunshine was absolutely wonderful for us in the middle of this never-ending winter. Israel walked all over the park, and Edith did "sunshine turns" around the playground. It was really helpful to have the extra hands with the kids!


Israel still LOVES his Papa. He was walking all over the park calling for him.


Other events of their trip: mom and I went on a girl's outing shopping, Will and I got a date night to the movies, mom and I had pedicures, and we took them to the diner around the corner from our house. It was a full 2 days and we are so thankful for time with family. I can imagine it is hard on them to have their kids and grandbabies so far away, but our parents have been very supportive and we appreciate that they came all the way to New York to love on us!