Spring at Narrows Botanic Garden

Ahhhhh SPRING! Whenever the weather is nice and it hasn't rained recently, we make our way to the Narrows Botanic Garden here in Bay Ridge. When we are trying to amp the kids up to go here, we say, "Do you guys want to go play with trees and sticks and grass?!" and they know we're going here. Is that sad? ha! We always bring a ball, snacks and a picnic blanket, and chalk. Will has been teaching the kids about track and it's adorable. Israel likes to walk around the sidewalk and look for puppies to stalk.

Sometimes we pickup coffee or french fries, usually we bring a bag of carrots. This park faces the water and it is so peaceful. There's no playground to fool with and Edith has so much fun collecting sticks and rocks.


It is right next to the Pier in our neighborhood, and sometimes we stop there while we're close!


Basically I'm just thankful that we have such a lovely little oasis here in walking distance. You can be in nature, staring at grass and water and feel like you're not in the city for a minute. I love that our kids love it too.