We have had three rounds of guests this month! My brother Daniel and his wife Lindsey came for a week in the beginning of June. We went to the park, Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, and on a double date to Gino's. They were with me when I saw the video of Israel walking the first time! It was a truly special week that I'm going to be forever grateful for!

Will went out of town and my mother in law graciously came to stay with me and help with the kids for a week. We did a lot of hanging out at the house but also ate out a lot at night, which we all appreciated, and went to Ikea! We took Edith to the Zoo and she got a new "blue penguin" animal.

Finally, Justin and Sarah Alexander came in town for a few days! They explored the city a bit, but we also showed them our neighborhood and went to Coney Island for our first beach experience of the year. Both of the kids were completely smitten with Justin, and Edith clung to him at the beach! She is normally shy with new people, but she LOVED Justin. Israel called Justin "Jin" and they were both sad when they left! Justin and Will went to a Yankees game and Sarah and I enjoyed a night in watching a movie. We also put them to work and they helped us rearrange some furniture in our apartment which was a huge help! It was such a fun week with friends!

We love having visitors and little tastes of the South back in our home :)