Staten Island ferry day / Fearless girl

When Calli and Chandler were here, we took the kids to lower Manhattan to ride the Staten Island Ferry! Will and I took Edith the first fall we lived here (see that here - tiny Edith!). We have wanted to take the kids on it again but never had the mental strength to do it, ha! With two willing helpers it was much easier!


The kids loved the train ride to the city, and Israel did really good in the transition off the train because we kept telling him we were going on a boat!

   The ferry ride was really fun and the kids enjoyed it. Israel wanted to be in the water or in that little speed boat that followed us. It was kind of dangerous to be on the outside because there was only a wonky little rail keeping my kids from the edge! But Calli and Chandler helped me keep them safe!




While we were closeby, we went to meet the Fearless Girl statue. This is a temporary art project that faces the Wall Street Bull. (Look at these pictures, I love it!). I wanted to get a picture of my girls with it while we had the chance! Since the statue will be up another year, I hope to get a better picture of Annalise with it at some point!

This is unrelated but this poem always cracks me up on the subway:

Me and my people:


 There are times where it is just super cool to live in New York. I can sometimes forget that we live in such a special city with these major landmarks. NBD, we just saw the STATUE OF LIBERTY. You know what I mean!? I hope that we don't lose the awe of the city over time.

That's such a reminder of the gospel as Christian believers. We can be reminded of grace and the gospel sometimes and it is like - THIS IS SUCH GOOD NEWS! You always appreciate it but sometimes it just makes you tear up at the goodness. That's life in New York. You appreciate it in general but sometimes you're in awe of the coolness of it. Okay, this is definitely an imperfect analogy because sometimes Brooklyn life is really hard and annoying. But for the purposes of this post, I am thankful that we had the opportunity to enjoy our city's free and lovely opportunities with friends!