Edith: Three Years Old!

Dear Edith,

You are three years old! This has been my very favorite year of parenting. You're a sponge right now, you are learning so much every day and we are constantly surprised by what you know and say. You love puzzles, coloring, singing and dancing. You are obsessed with stuffed animals and you need about 15 of them in your bed to fall asleep at night.

You're a really picky eater and basically survive on fruit, carbs and milk. You dropped the paci and moved to a toddler bed around 2.5 years old, and you're still taking a nap (in the bed with mama!) but your bedtime has been pushed back! You love poking body parts and saying "Not my nose!" etc. You are obsessed with "Big Toes" and singing Happy Birthday. You say "P-U Stinkpokamus!" when you've gone to the bathroom. You love blowing raspberries on stomachs and being tickled.

Your favorite shows are Elmo, Daniel Tiger, Super Why and Mother Goose Club. You reenact them and quote them at random times, and sometimes you wake up from nap and immediately go into a monologue that has to be a quote from a show! You love reading books and I'll find you just silently flipping through pages. You love building "sandcastles" with your play sand and doing any artsy stuff. You are constantly pretending that you are a sea lion and you think that piggy-back rides are "sea horses."

You still love your brother Israel and are so happy when he gets home from school in the afternoon. You guys really know how to annoy each other though, and sometimes you get mad at him for looking at you or touching any toy in the house. You guys love to pretend to splash and play duck duck goose together. You love to watch videos of you and Israel on my phone and will reenact them, even if it is one of Israel being silly and you're not in it at all.

You love dressing up, and I should stop being surprised at what you end up putting on and walking around with. You love rain boots and hats especially! You are miss independent and love walking down the sidewalks, but sometimes you get tired and decide that you "can't" anymore! In fact, "I can't" is your new response when you don't want to do something. You also say "I don't want that." for food you don't want to eat, and when you get in trouble you say, "Do you want kisses?" to try and manipulate us! When we're walking you say, "Do you want to hold my hand?/ Do you want me to hold you?" The other night you said to Will. "Do you want me to sing a song? Ok, what do you want to hear? Do you want to hear Twinkle Twinkle?" I mean, your language is just taking off and it is SO FUN to hear what is in that little brain!!

You are CONSTANTLY dancing and singing. You love to "run so fast!" and will compliment yourself "Good Dancing Edie!" all day. You say "Oh my goodness! I'm so sweeeeet!" and I think you know how cute you are! You don't let me put hairbands or bows in your hair anymore, and your little curls are constantly in your face. When you are sweaty your hair curls up so tightly and it is so cute!

You love the park, the beach, swimming, sliding, swinging... you name it! You love to have fun, you're independent and sassy and sweet. We love you Edith! We are so proud of our adventurous, spunky, fearless, silly, snugly, affectionate 3-year old. We feel honored to be your parents and to have a front row seat to your life!

Love, Mama

FYI - Edie One Year, Edie Two Year