Museums with Edie

While Israel was at Camp Gaga, we had 3 days with just Edith at home. We wanted to take advantage of this time and go a few places that are hard to take Israel for various reasons. Sometimes it feels like Edith gets the short stick because we often have to leave events or places early because Israel can't handle it. She's always such a trooper but she doesn't usually get to navigate what we do or how long we stay. We wanted to take Edith on a few outings that she could lead a little.

Monday afternoon we went to the Museum of Natural History. As expected, she LOOOOVED it.  She ran from display to display and would say "Look Dad! Look Mom!" and tell us what she saw. It was so cute.

There were all these people laying on the floor underneath the big whale, and Edith copied them.

Wednesday afternoon I took Edith to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. She loved exploring and playing with sand, grain, and all the musical things! It was a really fun hour with her and she sang "That was fun but now it's done" when it was over (shout out to Daniel Tiger!).

This area was called the Reading Nook and she laid down and found a book. She's so sweet!

Edith was singing "Happy Birthday!" to the turtles.

I love making memories with this girl. She's so spunky, adventurous and curious! It was a fun week of exploring our city with her and I'm thankful for the one-on-one moments we get to have with her.