Israel goes to Camp Gaga

Will's mom has a tradition called "Camp GaGa" where she has a week with her grandkids once they turn 4. We weren't sure how this would happen for Israel since he's in NY now and it's a long trek to Alabama! Thankfully Will's parents were willing to help with transportation and they flew down with Israel after their trip up this fall. They said he did great on the flight!

He got an official t-shirt!

Israel got a lot of transportation: boat rides, tractor rides, car rides and a plane!

His favorite part? Undivided attention!

He even got to go to church early to hear the worship band practice! 

It was a good week for our boy. He had a lot of attention, was EXTREMELY well -behaved (no meltdowns!) and he overcame some fears of a particular dog that he is obsessed with but also scared of.  I'm thankful that Israel has grandparents that love him so much and are so patient and caring with him. They are willing to push him to walk around, to accommodate his quirks and also love him unconditionally. I'm thankful for the special bond Israel has with his GaGa and Pop and that he had a week full of special memories!


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