Flying with Edith

Israel flew down with his grandparents for Camp Gaga, and Edith and I joined him in Alabama that Thursday. We left EARLYYYYY in the morning and flew out of LGA. We got a cheap umbrella stroller for the airport and I'm very glad that we had something for her so I didn't end up carrying her (I'm not supposed to be lifting my kids right now due to some pregnancy issues).

 Edith did GREAT and it's always easier to have just one kid to manage. She would shout "1 -2 -3- BLAST OFF!" While the plane was taxiing and getting ready to go in the air. I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff!

Because of our flights and the fact that we had to change planes in Washington, we had to ride a few shuttles and I kept having to fold up the stroller, carry Edith and our backpacks (I checked our bigger carry on at the gate and it went to our final destination, hooray!). Toting everything plus being pregnant and waking up at 2:30 for the day.... I was worn out completely and ended up going to bed at 7pm that night in Alabama!

Please note the little diamond on her left finger... :)

Tips for traveling with a toddler? Lots of snacks, stickers, & favorite stuffed animals! It totally depends on the kids though, because I read a bunch of "how to fly with kids" blogs last fall before our flights south and we still had a disastrous flight.

The best part about flying? Getting to see family at the end!