Edith's Abby Birthday Party

While in Alabama with Will's family we had an Abby Cadabby birthday party for Edith. I have to give 100% credit to my mother -in-law for doing ALL the planning and preparing. She always makes the kids' birthday cakes and made a special cake for Edith with an Abby candle! (PS Abby is a character on Sesame Street and Edith LOVED meeting her at Sesame Place a few weeks ago!).

Not only did Edith get a new Abby t-shirt but an entire costume, and an Abby Princess DVD! She immediately put on her Abby dress and watched her movie. She told Abby, "Hey Abby! I like your dress!"

I just happened to snap these completely unposed and unprovoked photos:

Edith has worn this Abby costume EVERY DAY since we've returned home. She loves it. It was a sweet little family party for our little princess!