North Carolina Trip

After our visit to North Carolina, the kids and I met my mom and we visited Hendersonville, NC where my parents live. We went on Sunday afternoon and the kids did great on the drive (Edith sang the whole way!).

(PS the reason Will wasn't joining us in Alabama is that he was in DC with his brother, and he preached at a church that Sunday. He was busy taking photos like this one. He joined us in NC late Sunday night and the kids were excited to see him Monday!).

The kids loved seeing Nana and Papa!

Monday morning we went over to my sister's house in Marion. Both of my sisters and all of our kids got to play together, which was so fun. We didn't do anything picture-worthy and just giggled and ate :).

Sarah took a photo of Israel to prep for Kindergarten (and my heart exploded). Why is it we can never find his glasses when we need them? This kid loves to hide them!!!

When Sarah was trying to get the right spot for lighting she told me to stand in various places to test the settings... and she snapped these two goofy pictures. My not-showered self was not prepared to take maternity photos ha!! This is me at 20 weeks.

I don't know you guys. I'm weirder than you think:

Monday afternoon we took Edith to Target to pick out a birthday present from my parents. She picked out a Katerina Kitty Cat (Daniel Tiger Character) stuffed animal. She also got a princess nightgown and felt SO pretty in it. This girl is so feminine and girly!

Tuesday we played in the house and that night Will and I went on a double - date with my sister Sarah and her husband Matt in Black Mountain! I worked at a summer camp in the area in 2008 and Will and I went on a few dates here - brings back sweet memories!

We laughed until we cried... which is normal for us but always fun!

Wednesday morning Will met with another pastor for a while and we got ready to head home. The main excitement for the kiddos was a few city work trucks right in front of the house for about an hour!


We drove several hours and stayed in a hotel along the way. We let the kids share a bed and they thought it was hilarious! I remember how fun it was to stay in hotels as a kid and I think it's great that they have had two fun hotel experiences this summer (Sesame Place in July!). The kids were obsessed with the hotel phone and having cable tv ha.

Thursday we stopped by Hershey Chocolate World for a quick break and enjoyed the free museum ride and yummy lunch!! That, my friends, is a pulled pork pizza with chocolate drizzle. YUM.

Then... back to Brooklyn! Home sweet home! It was a fun trip to see family. We won't be going South for the holidays this year because I'll be too pregnant (baby #3 due at the beginning of January), and I'm glad we were able to make one more trip this year. I feel that in our week South, we ate the food we missed and hugged the family we love (minus a few key siblings!). I will also say that our boy who is normally really out of whack when we go out of town and has sensory overloads- he was AMAZING this trip. I don't know if it was all that grandparent attention at the beginning, the long car rides (he loves!) or just him getting older/ more mature... but I was so proud. He slept great, he didn't have any major meltdowns and he was able to participate in family time more than normal (usually we have to take breaks to regulate). It was so nice for us. Also I love that my kids are getting bigger and more independent - it makes things a lot easier to have less junk to carry around.

I'm also thankful that we were able to make Edith's birthday special with our family and to get to have face-to-face time with so much family. We try to FaceTime a lot but there's something to be said about being in the same room, chatting about nothing and giggling until you cry. I need that for my heart tank to be full!

OH and I forgot to mention that I was able to get my baby girl things from Edith from storage in Alabama, and Sarah gave me lots of baby Evelyn hand-me-downs. I was able to do laundry there with the convenience of having that in the house (oh the luxuries you people have!!) and when I came back home I organized everything by size. I feel very settled with the amount of clothes we have for little girl #3 and I'm excited that we are already so prepared. It's nice to have all of my girl kid clothes finally organized too and I was able to bring the boy stuff that Israel has outgrown back to storage in AL. So now that the trip is behind us... it's time to get settled in a new fall routine (with a few last-minute summer fun things to come!).


  1. I love reading about your sweet family. My son, Morgan, is a friend of Micah and Haley's. Congratulations on baby #3. Email is:


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