Alabama trip

 Edith and I arrived in Alabama on a Thursday (Israel had been at Camp GaGa since Monday!).

Although we were all tired from our early morning with flying, the kids set out and played hard all afternoon. We went out to dinner and got yummy Mexican food and the kids played in the pool. They loved letting the water out of the side!

Friday my Mother in Law let me have three hours to myself! I got my teeth cleaned, ate lunch by myself and did a little shopping! Meanwhile, the kids were having a blast with their GaGa and had a good nap time together!


The kids were SO great all weekend and every time we went out to dinner several times with the kids being rockstars. It was a shock to me ha!


Late Friday night Will's sister and her kids came in town. The kids were excited to see each other Saturday morning!

Will's dad cleaned both kids teeth!

Saturday afternoon we had a little birthday party for Edith. Will's sister Haley, his mom and I went out for pedicures. Side note: I know I don't have pretty feet. I'm sure that the technicians have made fun of me before in their own language but this was the first time someone said it to my face in English!!

Sunday we went to church and then headed


It was a great visit!