Edith's Toddler Bed

We have entered into new territory in the McGee house. It's been happening for a while, really. Our spunky girl has been causing some trouble when it comes to sleeping. She liked to manipulate us by throwing out all of her animals/pillows/pacifier and then getting our attention to "tuck her in" again and again and again. We knew this couldn't keep going and there were days where we just didn't and she fell asleep all alone. 

Then... she learned how to climb out. She wasn't using any furniture to hoist herself in and out. She just hiked her leg up and free-fell over. She is so fearless. After one naptime/ evening of putting her back in bed repeatedly, we knew that our crib days are over. We also used this transition time to get rid of the pacifier, which was long-needed but still is hard for everyone!

Edith's first naptime in the crib: here she is asleep half-on the bed.

We ordered a bed rail for the bed (and new bedding! not pictured. This little quilt was MY baby blanket!).

Edith was the easiest sleeper. Such a contrast to our other child. We used to just give her all the stuffed animals and her paci and just shut the door. Sometimes she would play in her crib for a while, but she always settled down easily.

Now she often cries to sleep at nap because mean Mama sits next to her bed, so she can't get out and play. I just bring my kindle and read next to her bed. It only takes 15-45 minutes...

At night she ends up falling asleep on the floor every single night. And we will put her in the bed, check on her 30 minutes to an hour later, and she's back on the floor again! I have no idea why!

In the morning and after nap (and sometimes at night when she hasn't fallen asleep yet) she peeks her little hand out from under the door so we will know she is awake. This morning she put her mouth under the door and said "Hi Mom!"

So... a new stage of life! Lord knows she still needs a nap. Two days recently she skipped nap and she was such a wreck by the end of the day that she fell asleep by 6:30 after crying so had from being sad and cranky. We love this little girl and I'm so thankful for her spunk and silliness, even if it means we have to stay on our toes!