Museum of Natural History

This week Will turned 30, and I tried to make his birthday week a fun and special event. I'll hopefully do a full post of the week's recap, but here's a little about our Friday morning adventure! 

Our friend Lori babysat for us for a few hours so we could go out, sans kids and enjoy one of the city's museums. We got a 1 year free membership using our NYC Id cards! 

We loved getting off at the subway stop and enjoying some of the tile art. 

We took a quick photo out front but skipped the line by going in on the door off of 81st street with no wait time! 

We loved the dinosaurs exhibit!

We saw most of the exhibits and it was really fun walking around. We documented a little on snapchat (I'm rebekahmcgeeNYC) and just goofed around a bit. We were able to walk stairs and take our time because we had NO stroller and no kids! :) It felt like a real date!

Lunch was at Jacob's Pickles and it did not disappoint. I think we will be reminiscing about that meal for a long time. It was amazing. 

It was a perfect day date and there were several times throughout it that we looked at each other with just awe that we live in New York!!!! When will that get old?