Christmas Vacation: Scottsboro

After leaving the wedding, we went to Scottsboro, AL to visit Will's parents. His siblings were home so it was really fun to be all together. We arrived late at night so the kids went right to bed (Israel got some Pop snuggles). Sunday morning Will preached at his parents' church, and Evan (Will's brother) helped lead worship during the service. 

After the kids had a nap on Sunday afternoon, we exchanged gifts and ate a lot of food! It was a really fun time and it was really sweet to see our kids play with their cousins. 

Israel really loved his uncle Evan.

The microphone for Lottie was a favorite gift this year. Everyone had a turn showcasing hidden talents.

Monday the Messersmiths (Will's sister's fam) had to head home but we got a few minutes of playing in. Will's dad is a dentist so we took a family trip to his office for teeth cleaning. It was Edith's first dental visit, so he just did a quick check. Israel has had his teeth cleaned a few times before, and he did better than he ever has before! We were so proud. 

Edith played Quality Control Investigator with Pop's prize box.

At home we played outside. It's so nice to have a driveway and garage!! What luxuries!!

Uncle Evan was a good sport about walking up and down the driveway a million times.

Tuesday I had a teeth cleaning and then GaGa and I had a manicure and pedicure! The kids played in the toy cart a lot and it was hard to take turns going "whee" around the house.

It was such a great trip with our McGee family. We felt so loved and spoiled. We are so thankful for a great long trip "home" to the South for several days and for family that loves us so well.