New York Day

Back in OCTOBER when we were in the height of Israel's sleep craziness, and Will and I were in a hard emotional place, we decided we needed to have a nice day out for our mental health. We wanted to do something we hadn't done yet, so we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, got a quick coffee and treat for Edith, and then took the Staten Island Ferry. It was a beautiful and perfect day! Edith was wonderfully behaved, the weather was lovely, and she even napped for over an hour in her stroller the entire boat ride / train ride home. It was exactly the kind of day we needed at that time. We were able to enjoy the sights of New York, do something free and touristy, and just have a happy family day (minus Israel because he was at school). I finally got my big camera uploaded so I could post the pictures!

A police officer took the two family pictures that are terribly angled. Sorry for the bad crop Edie!

A little Starbucks rejuvenation:

And then, the free Staten Island ferry!

When Edith magically fell asleep on the boat ride back, and then slept until we got back to Bay Ridge!

It was a happy New York day! Thanks October for the perfect weather and great memory!