Christmas Vacation: Jacksonville & #AlexanderAtLast

During our trip south, we had the joy of going to Jacksonville to participate in the wedding of two of our favorite people, Ashley and Taylor Alexander! Will officiated the wedding and Israel was a ring bearer. It was so good for our hearts to see so many of the students that we spent the last four years with. Many are engaged and graduating, so it was sweet to see them one more time before their lives take them all over the world! 

The Rehearsal: 

Israel did not miss a beat. He remembered everyone and even said "Taylor" to Mr. Taylor. :) He wanted to do itsy bitsy spider with Chandler and he gave big hugs and smiles to his old buddies and babysitters. Edith was really tired so she kept to herself and watched Frozen most of the time!

Practicing for walking down the aisle:

The couple gave Israel a stuffed puppy as a gift, and Edith immediately claimed it and rode it around the room. 

Cabin/ Jacksonville: We stayed in the Patterson's lake house, which was incredibly generous and kind of them! It was perfect for our family and so nice to have a place to stay. We tried to see a few friends and eat at some familiar places during our super quick stay in Jacksonville. 

Israel loved looking at the water in the creek and lake outside the cabin.

Bless his heart, Israel kept trying to scoot up the stairs but he would go up one, fall back down and over and over again.

The wedding: 

Edith got to see her BFF Isla! She was really excited to see her, she even set down her paci and Daniel Tiger.

Edith even made sure Daniel Tiger was well fed. Also, a moment of silence for this cute dress. I decided to change the kids into PJs right before we left for Scottsboro after the wedding, and I totally caught her dress on fire!! I put her dress on the table and didn't realize there was a tiny candle there. RIP cute dress she only wore once.

Israel wanted to be in the middle of the dance floor during the entire reception. He was happiest when dancing, and when we set him down he scooted into the middle of the dance floor. 

These people have a piece of our heart and we are so thankful for a weekend with them! We also got to have great conversations with the Stewarts, who are leading the engageJSU ministry now. It was so good to talk with them in person and see that they love these students too! We are thankful for our season in Jacksonville but also confident that God has moved us to New York, and He has great plans for the students at JSU!