Christmas in Bay Ridge

Ahh... Christmas! My favorite season! It's so fun having this awesome season in the magical city of New York! Here are a few snapshots of our Christmas festivities so far. 

Edith is obsessed with the tree. She gets in trouble for taking the ornaments off, but she looks at them all day. We have several ornaments with pictures on them and she will name "mama, daddy, brother, baby." She gives "high-fives" to the handprint ornaments we made last year. 

Love seeing the fresh Christmas trees on the sidewalks!

Israel loves the tree too! He mainly likes touching the ornaments when Edith does.

Christmas pjs are the best. Hand-me-downs from brother are even better, because it makes me all nostalgic and wondering if it wasn't just yesterday that Israel wore these same pjs?

I tried to make Israel fit in his 3T pjs from last year, it didn't last beyond the picture because it was a tight squeeze. I didn't even get a good picture! 

Another not-great phone pic, but here's the kids in festive clothing the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Edith has a lot of Christmas outfits from her cousins so we get to wear something different every week!

She loves Christmas, but she also loves to swiffer:

GaGa mailed us Minnie and Mickey ornaments, the kids love them and Edith likes to make them kiss.

Will and I took the kids to a church in Union Square for their Sunday night service. It was a nice date to get to sit and observe a church setting, and the kids did great in their childcare!

More urban tree farms:

Bay Ridge is beautiful at Christmas, and we have been doing lots of exploring this Christmas.... more posts to come!