Back in Brooklyn!

Sorry for the post overload, but this is my little online journal and I love to look back in detail over what life was like in these busy years with littles. 

We're back in Brooklyn after a good trip to the South, and we are very thankful that Brooklyn is feeling like home. The walking, the laundromat, the same grocery stores and fruit stands... these are our normal and our routine now. We had a great first Sunday back and Will and I are just happy to be here and excited for what is to come. I took a good walk with the kids the other day and they were so happy to be in the land of parks and busy streets. Israel was excited to see the trains and buses and hear ambulances again!

Edith's latest thing is pushing Israel down the slide. She doesn't really want to go down it herself, but she wants him and her stuffed Daniel Tiger to enjoy it.

On our block there was a Star Wars themed blow-up thing that said "Droid to the World" and sang the theme song.

Will and I took a super quick trip to get our memberships to the Children's Museum. We were only there about 20 minutes because it was about to close, but it was enough for the kids to get soaking wet playing in the water.

We are happy to be home. Excited and expectant of what 2016 has in store! Happy New Year!