Post-Move Traveling: North Carolina

From Wednesday- Sunday I spent time with my family. Wednesday night we stayed with my parents, and early Thursday I headed to Charlotte to see my sister Rachel.

We went to her YMCA pool and I had about 100 heart attacks because Edith thinks she is part-dolphin and loves to put her head under water and spin around. It was really hard to manage both of my kiddos so we had to leave after about 30 minutes!

Thursday night Rachel and I went to the dollar theater and saw "Insurgent" (didn't seem to follow the book in my opinion, and I'm not hopeful in the 3rd book being made into a movie). Friday morning we just let the kids play and then I left around 9:30. The kids and I killed time roaming the aisles of Target and we grabbed lunch there. It was really fun just walking around and the kids were being amazing!

I headed to my sister Sarah's house after that where I stayed from Friday afternoon - Sunday morning. Friday my kids soaked up time with their cousins, and Saturday we had their house to ourselves while everyone else had places to be. Will called and gave me a list of a few things to get from Wal-Mart so I added a few more things to the Corolla... it was already a tight squeeze and it would only get tighter before the drive up to NYC Sunday!

Sunday morning I got to go to church at my dad's church in Hendersonville, then my mom and I headed north to New York!

A few takeaways from my week of traveling. One: Israel is a very snuggly bed buddy, but he will wake up at 5 am ready for Puppy. Edith requires lots of stuffed friends when traveling. And She wants all the mama snuggles she can get, especially when her environment changes so often!

It was a long week... but here's to being settled SOON!


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