Last Days of Jacksonville

In the last few days of living in Jacksonville we did our best to soak in time with our toys (drums, water table and cars on the front porch!).

Edie and I saw a movie with her BFF Isla and the Caseys. 

We checked out our Corolla to make sure it was in top-notch shape before I drove it to New York, and sold our van!

We went to a birthday party of our friend's son. This is neat: I really wanted to go to the First Class Parties jump place one more time before we moved, because the kids LOVE it! Well, we never got a chance to go, and then it turned out that Jackson's party was there the Saturday before we moved! How convenient and timely!

We packed boxes.

It was a busy season, we spent almost every night with other people the last few days! It has been full of people and packing. 


  1. Gorgeous place, I just went here with someone. The place itself was beautiful and spacious, the seats were comfortable and wide. From where I was sitting at least, the views from wedding venue in Los Angeles were great. I think the music really did a great job of filling up the space.


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