Jacksonville Friendships

I remember when we were living in Raleigh for seminary, and I was running with a friend one day. At the time we were starting to talk about the possibility of taking the job in Jacksonville. We were both worried about moving and leaving our community in North Carolina because we had such close friends and we loved our church. I had this distinct feeling that the Lord was telling me that He had been faithful to us in North Carolina, and He would be faithful again. He knows my need for community and He provided.

It wasn't a quick thing either. It really took all four years for me to feel deeply rooted in Jacksonville. This last year especially I felt the most connected with friends who I felt really "got" me and I could be completely real and unashamed about my quirks and feelings with. I have friends that I can send ridiculous text messages and silly faces to. I have friends that I know will pray for me and walk through the highs and lows with. I have girl friends that I see movies with, have playdates with, do yard sales with, and so much more. I'm so thankful for the women and college students that have influenced me and shared life with me! What a beautiful season. I have moved several times in my life and I think that background has allowed me to know that some friendships are just for a season, but they can make a big impact on my life! And I fully expect the social media world to allow me to continue these Jacksonville friendships.

I know that true community was slow being built, and that I can expect there to be NEW friends to come. I don't expect to have instant deep connections with everyone in Brooklyn, but I do expect that over time I will have friends that I can walk through life with and have the silly, sad, joyful moments with.

I think I can speak for both Will and I that the Lord has been so good to us in our Jacksonville community. We can't thank everyone enough for being so supportive of us in growing and sustaining the engageJSU ministry, and now in sending us to Brooklyn. You have been a gift to us and have helped us know and love the Lord better! We are hopeful that our new community will be just as wonderful, and we cannot wait to begin investing in the relationships there as well. 


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