Farewell to UCP

On Moving Day, Israel went to UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) for one more day of school. His precious UCP teachers threw him a going away party, and they told me that he got TWO cupcakes because he is so spoiled there, ha! They also gave him a sweet gift and card with all of the handprints of his classmates.

I'll be honest, all weekend long I kept telling myself to hold it together and to not get emotional. Every time I would feel myself start to cry I would just kind of shut down because I didn't want to cry! But when I was at UCP, there was no holding back. I just love those people so much. Everyone. Janitors, cooks, teachers, admins, therapists. Not a bad apple in the bunch! These people have become family and Israel is at home at the center. When the world at home has been chaotic with moving and clearing out things that are familiar, the UCP classroom is normal and safe for him. I could seriously write 1000 words of accolade for UCP but I'm so thankful for them and the wonderful work that they have done for our family. Israel would not be where he is without them and the therapies and work that they have done. I can drop Israel off at school and know that he is going to work hard and have fun. Our UCP family is irreplaceable and I am so thankful for their perfect timing and influence into our life. LOVE YOU ALL dear friends!