First Week Exploring (Park & Shore Road!)

My mom stayed with us during the first week of NYC living. She drove up with me and stayed until Saturday morning, which was a HUGE help as we tried to settle in. We spent the first few days unpacking and setting everything up. It was really nice to have her there to give me decorating tips and to switch off on watching the kids and unpacking boxes! By Wednesday we felt pretty good about unpacking and we decided to explore a little. We needed to get out of the house!!

We walked to a park that is about 11 blocks from us (15-20 minutes maybe?). It has great big swings and handicap accessible ramps. I didn't bring Israel's walker that time but we will in the future!

We walked along Shore Road and the pier that overlooks the Verazzano Bridge and the Manhattan skyline/ Statue of Liberty!

That night she even let us go out on a date and we sat outside at a nice place!

It was so fun having my mom with me to explore the neighborhood. She's always so helpful and patient with the kids. I'm glad that we have some NYC memories with her already!