Homestudy #2

Well, just as quick and painless as the first round, our homestudy today lasted right around an hour. Our social worker has a conflict with a date that she previously set for one of our future appointments, so that may prolong the homestudy process for us. I asked her if she could double-check on the rule about the homestudy meetings needing to be a week apart. Hopefully she will hear that we can do two in a weekend (she only works weekends).

Today we discussed our marriage/parenting preparations/expectations of our child/talking to our child about adoption. Will and I have had many discussions about this type of stuff so nothing took us by surprise.


  1. It really is pot luck. Mine told me she had l0 weeks to write it. I could write it in two hours, and so could she. She waited until the last minute and did it that night.. after I had a meltdown on her home agency.

  2. yay! one more meeting down! hopefully she can work something out and do the last two at once :-)


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