Orphan Care Ministry

Will and I are very blessed with a church that we are proud to stand behind. We love the vision that our church has, and fully believe that it is gospel-driven in its methods. Recently, our friends took the scriptures regarding caring for the orphans, and created a starting plan for our church involving some aspects of orphan care. You can read a little bit about that here, on the Fleming's blog.

In addition to a sermon series at our church, the beginning of this ministry will involve a mentorship opportunity for families interested, or already involved in adoption and foster care. Wednesday night Will & I met with several families who fall in those categories, and we learned more about this opportunity as well as heard stories of fellow adoptive and foster families.

It was so refreshing to get to know these new friends, and to hear how God has brought each family to the decisions they have made regarding opening their hearts and homes to orphans. We even met a family who was #27 on the boy list at AGCI (they aren't on the listserve but I told the wife that she needs to get on it!).

We are excited to see what this ministry becomes for our church family, and for God to continue to get the glory as He is the original adoptive father, and we are a mere reflection of the wonderful salvation He has given us.


  1. We go to church with Will's family in Scottsboro at Agape and we have been a foster family for about 5 years. We have adopted from foster care and we currently have 3 little ones in our home. It is such a blessing to care for these children and it is so sad how many have no extended family who can/will step up for them so they are truly orphans right in our midst. Our church has been so loving and accepting of our children and that in itself is a huge blessing. I continue to pray that God may use our children to spur others to open their hearts and their homes. It is exciting to hear of your church embracing this ministry.

  2. I think it is great that adoption and foster care are becoming a priority for many churches! I know that your family is well loved and respected at Agape!


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