Homestudy #3

Today our homestudy social worker came back for the 3rd visit, in which we did our individual interviews. The questions were based on the autobiographies we wrote in our home study history packet.

While Will was having his interview, I was in the back room and I just couldn't help but think about our baby and his/her birthmother. Some days my heart just hurts for her and I just cannot imagine the sacrifice that she is making by carrying this baby, delivering the baby and then having to give the baby up. Wow, the weight of that decision is tremendous.

During our last visit, our social worker said that we would do our home inspection today, but she didn't do it... today she said that she would do it next week (for our 4th and final home study visit). So we are still in the waiting game (is that what 90% of the adoption process is??) and hoping the home study process doesn't last too much longer! We are ready to submit the dossier and get on the waitlist :)


  1. sorry she STILL hasn't done your home inspection :\ hoping you're on the list ASAP!

  2. VERY soon you will feel that relief of finally being on the list WASH over you! Hang in there.


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