Doll Order #1

Remember how I made a set of dolls for my niece's birthday? You can read that here.

Well, I got my first order for a set of dolls, and thought I would share! These were made for our friends' niece. The little girl's initials are monogrammed on the back, and the boy doll is a UNC basketball player, with his name on the back. This was my first attempt at a little boy doll, so it was a learning experience... but I am proud of how they turned out, and my friend said her niece loves them!

What do you think??


  1. those are super cute! (minus the UNC part... GO WOLFPACK! hahaha...)

  2. Haha, Jenny! Well I was catering to the family :)

  3. That is funny :) My husband also would not like the UNC part, but he is a super Duke fan :)

    LOVE the dolls!!


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