Homestudy #4 (Last one!)

Well today our social worker came for our last appointment. For our home inspection we gave her a "tour" of the apartment, and then turned in some documents that we have been waiting to give her (health exams, education certificates, background checks, etc.). It feels really nice to have our work done with for that part, but now we have to wait for her to get back to us with a written report.

She told us that it would take 2-3 weeks for her to write the report.."there's a holiday in the mix"... so mayyybe around July 10th we will hear from her (and if you've been paying attention, that's the day of our AL yard sale!!). So you better believe she will be getting a call from us on July 11th :)

Next steps: Our social worker will write a draft of the report. We will edit, if necessary, then she will update it again. Our home study social worker will send the report to our adoption agency in Oregon. The agency worker, M, will make sure it looks ok, and then if it is ok, our home study social worker will give us 3 notarized copies for our dossier!!!

THENNNN we will mail our completed dossier, with all the copies to Oregon and be put on a waitlist!!!! Hip hip hooray it is getting closer to that point!


  1. Congratulations on finishing up your visits! I felt such relief when they were over.

    And then our social worker took longer than expected to write our home study. And then M at AGCI got married/went on her honeymoon. So our poor home study has been waiting for weeks to be looked at. She comes back on Monday and we are so so excited to get the ball rolling again!

  2. Such a relief to have it behind you, isn't it? Congrats on getting through this step!

  3. WOOOOOOOHOO! hopefully there won't need to be many revisions and then that will all be DONE!


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