Home Study Appt. #1

Well, our first home study appointment was fast and easy... All that cleaning I did for our house was pretty pointless, as the social worker only saw the kitchen. We already scheduled our next appts (our Social Worker only works on weekends). I begged our social worker (ok, exaggerating) on having Saturday then Sunday appointments for our homestudy, but she says that her rules are that the meetings have to be a week apart. Oh well, our next 3 meetings are already scheduled for the next 3 weekends! We should be geared up to finish the homestudy appointments for Father's Day!!

In other news, I got my passport back after only 2ish weeks, and our adoption workbook Eyes Wide Open has been reviewed and approved. Only things left for the dossier: homestudy and references!! {If you are one of them, I'm not nagging, but I sure would love it if you would send it in to me :) }

You better believe all our paperwork is copied, in order, and ready to be mailed. Now, off to celebrate having a clean house and our first home study appointment! Will's dad is here for the weekend, and we will be enjoying our day off on Monday before Will has an intense 6 weeks of summer school.

Also, what is the consensus on the timeline for setting up a nursery? Haha... I am so ready to start moving things around in our house. I guess it would be wise to wait until we are on the waitlist at least! Can't blame me for being excited!


  1. I've been on both extremes as far as preparing the nursery and don't recommend either! For our first, we were excited, too. We finished the nursery in Oct., got our referral in Dec., and traveled in Feb. That was a lot of months of walking past an empty room for me. With our second, we started and finished the nursery the week we left for Ethiopia. Very stressful!

    My advice? Wait to really complete it until after you get your referral.

  2. I was wondering the SAME thing! I want to get started SO badly, but it just seems too early :)

  3. I am looking forward to following your journey! My husband and I are also quite young and looking into international adoption as well! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  4. Believe it or not, you need very little. All the cute stuff they sell is not necessary, but it is fun! With out first, we had all that stuff and it was fun setting up the nursery. Now, since we foster and our babies come at odd times and all hours, we just keep the necessities on hand. Just choose wisely since most things are outgrown so fast.

  5. We started on the nursery after we were on the wait list. It was nice to have a little project to work on while we waited. It was also nice to have that reminder that a baby WOULD be occupying the room soon, since we don't get that physical reminder or pregnancy.

  6. No worries, we aren't starting the nursery any time soon... we will definitely wait until we are at the later end of the waitlist/close to the referral! But I can dream now!


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