Need Your Advice: Adoption Yard Sales??

Will and I have been continually blown away by the support that we have found in not just our immediate friends and family, but people who barely know us but are just excited to see God's kingdom expand and His plan unfold for our lives through this adoption. There are many stories I could share, but one in particular is a lovely group of people in Alabama who have offered to put on a yard sale for us in July. Will's parents, who are just as excited about our little one as us, have been spreading the word and several families (and even a local business) have offered to donate to our yard sale!

We have about a month before the yard sale, and we need your help! I've noticed that several adoptive families raised a lot of money through yard sales- so what did you do? Please pass along any tips you have on a successful yard sale/fundraiser! Did you price everything, or just leave it up to the buyer? Sell coffee/t-shirts/snacks? We plan on having a table with information about Ethiopia and why we are adopting.

Thanks for your help!!! I am so thankful for this online community!


  1. We just had the second of two yard sales in the last month. The first yard sale everyone from our church donated stuff and we set it up. We priced the things that were worth more than a $1 and everything not tagged was a $1. I think it's worth it to set up general parameters for pants, shirts, etc and you don't have to spend so much time pricing. We are in a smaller town so you can't ask as much as in big cities. Any big items or kids things go really well! The only reason for the second sale was to try again with some of the really good things that didn't sell in the first round. We raised almost $3000 between the two sales. SIGNS, advertising, and having it for two days are definite bonuses.

  2. We just had a yardsale... Brought in ~4,500.

    -I made posters that said things like "thank you for helping bring our son home from Rwanda". PUT THEM EVERYWHERE. People couldn't be confused where the money was going.

    -I put an ad in out local paper. the ad started with "adoption yardsale to benefit our international adoption... blah, blah, blah.

    - friends (and a local brownie troop) sold water, lemonade, cookies, brownies. Made $200... who can refuse those cute, cute girls.

    -lots of yard sale donations from friends, and friends of friends(that we picked up- big job... but worth it). Some people cant donate money, but can donate stuff!

    -tried to price... just did the big items. too much stuff. didn't stop the yardsalers.

    Lots of people just donated money...

    -Pray, pray, pray!

    God Bless.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I think we might try to do a second yard sale in the fall, with the leftovers!


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