Sometimes Mama Needs a Trip

Last October, I took a trip to North Carolina by myself and spent a few days with my family, sans kids. It was a perfect refreshment for me during a busy season, and was my first return "south" after moving to New York. This fall has been even more crazy, and with a baby on the way, I knew that my opportunities to do things for myself was about to be even more limited. When Will was pulling up his calendar one day to talk about the things he had going on in October, I went ahead and asked him to pull up flights for me to have a sanity break trip too!

Just like last year, I flew down on Thursday morning and returned Saturday night.

Here I am - ALONE!

My mama met me at the Charlotte airport and we immediately went to lunch at Olive Garden (I had a major craving on the airplane). I almost got my sassy New York side when they didn't bring out our breadsticks, ha. Mom and the waiter kept exchanging pictures of their grandkids. It was pretty hilarious.

Mom and I did a little shopping and then met Dad for dinner. Afterwards, I went to visit my favorite Alexanders... all of them! These guys were all a vital part of our ministry experience in Alabama, and they now live in North Carolina and Florida. We hadn't seen Taylor and Ashley since their wedding last year. Sarah and Justin came and visited us earlier this year, and they had a baby only a week or so before this trip. I was so thankful to get an opportunity to love on Titus, squeeze everybody and see our friends! It was refreshing to be with dear friends who have meant so much to us.


Friday Morning Sarah and baby Evelyn came over and Sarah took some maternity photos for me (see them here).


We had pedicures and giggled a lot.



After lunch, Mom, Rachel and I went to Jump Off Rock and enjoyed the mountain view!

Friday afternoon I also had the pleasure of sitting on the porch with my childhood best friend, Joanna. She came in town that weekend to see her family too, and we were able to chat and giggle about life updates and just enjoy our lifelong friendship. It was so refreshing!

Saturday morning was relaxing. I read on the porch, coffee in hand. Mama and I tried to find shoes to fit my swollen feet (no success).


We had coffee with my aunt Melanie and grandmother on their porch with a gorgeous view of the mountains. It was a really sweet visit that I know I'll be thankful for as my grandmother ages.


Finally, mama dropped me off at the airport and I had a nice flight back, chatting with a new friend the whole way.

It was a refreshing trip in so many ways. It was so nice to relax, to feel known and cared for. There's just something wonderful about time with family.