Maternity Photos by Sarah Siak

 My sister Sarah is a photographer, and she took these photos for me on a recent trip when I went to North Carolina. She also took my maternity photos with Edith, and has taken most of the family photos that we have had over the years!

I realize I look pretty serious in most of these, and I am definitely overjoyed at the thought and anticipation of this sweet gift! I just have a hard time taking solo shots, ha! It's so awkward.

We were going to meet my other sister Rachel in downtown Hendersonville, so I changed clothes and we snapped these downtown!

These are my favorite. Maybe it's because of the profile, coloring, or that I can't critique my facial expressions!

I'm so thankful that my sister bestowed her gifts on me so that I can have beautiful documentation of this little lady baby growing in my belly! I know I'm only going to get bigger and more swollen so it's nice to have these photos before I just look and feel absolutely miserable :)

These were taken when I was 25 weeks!


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