Israel birthday

Israel turned 5 on October 12. The night before he snuggled us on the couch and learned how to kind-of give kisses as we turned our cheeks to his lips. It was such a sweet moment. He then fell asleep in between us at 6:45.

On Israel's birthday morning he opened his presents and had a donut from our local bakery (you will see a bakery theme in today's post, ha!).

Israel didn't have school on his birthday (it was a Jewish holiday). So we had a day at home to celebrate with his favorite things.


I took the kids to the park (by myself, which I paid for later with some major back pains!!).


After the park, we stopped by the bakery for a cookie.


We got cupcakes from our local bakery for Edith and Israel to enjoy. Edith showed him how to blow out the candle!


Will's parents sent us a gift card to Burger King for Israel to get some birthday fries. He loved it and his crown! We also had a New York moment with a lady with mental health issues who came in and yelled at everyone in the restaurant, which made us hurry and leave. Ha!


The celebration didn't stop on his birthday! Israel got a balloon the next day from his school. We also sent cupcakes and I think they had a little party during snacktime!


So thankful for our big, growing boy. Love celebrating him and seeing his joy.  


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