Halloween Festivities

We had a few opportunities to celebrate Halloween this year! Edith has several dress-up clothes and she had fun wearing them out! We also had a blast Trick or Treating, check those pictures out here.

Edith goes to a weekly playgroup and they had a Halloween- themed week last time. She learned how to "trick or treat" and it was so cute!

Will and I went to a costume party Saturday night and I was Ursula from Little Mermaid (Edith's current favorite movie!).

Will was Kermit from the kermit meme :)

On Halloween, Edith and I went to the library for a Halloween dance party! I met a friend there. Edith loved the parachute, bubbles and ribbon dancing! It was a fun event!

It's been a fun week of celebrating this cute holiday! Now it's time for the REAL holidays to happen and after that it's baby time! :) This is going to be a fast fall season!