Block Party

On Saturday our block had a "block party" and it was neat! It was an all-day event and each family paid to participate. It was from 1-8? ish pm and there were several events throughout the day.

We went after nap time and hoped for the best... but alas, it just wasn't fun for the kids. Sometimes you can build things up in your head and then they just don't happen the way you picture it. Like, I think "bounce! what fun! what a way to meet our neighbors and continue with the community building!" When the reality was that both kids had huge epic meltdowns that required "resets" in the house.

Edith is really obsessed with her shadow these days. She also DID NOT like cotton candy. 

So... we made the best of it. We went back inside, and tried again later. Israel ended up loving the live music part, and Edith eventually went down this Titanic slide thing. We didn't stick around for the magician or ice cream like I thought we would, and we really didn't have any significant conversations with neighbors because the kids were being really fussy. 

The positive note: we DID meet a few people, even if our kids were having bad days. I think in this season, we just have to be flexible and know that it is okay to have bad outings. It's okay to have to go back and try again later. Sometimes things aren't successes but at least we are trying, and there ARE good moments in there like when Israel cheered during the music and Edith delighted in going down the very big Titanic slide. Israel LOVED the bounce house and watching the kids jump. Edith ate lots of popcorn and we had an excuse to not watch all of the AU/LSU game. Take our wins where we can!


  1. Glad it wasn't a total loss and you were able to get back out there and enjoy. Patience is a virtue I have yet to master.


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