Winter Outings: Children's Museum, Zoo, Etc.

A few weeks ago I met my friend Frauke and her son Arthur at the Children's Museum. Edith loved the turtles and fish, pretending to shop in the marketplace, splashing water and just running around with other kids. It's only about 35-40 minutes away and I was able to find parking pretty easily on the way there, but the trip home was nightmarish and I swore I wouldn't drive again for a while!

I recently discovered that there is a Target shopping center with other outlet places and the biggest perk of all is there is a PARKING LOT! And it is only 30 minutes away depending on traffic! Thank you Lord! Now, the Target is pretty chaotic but that is New York. I met my friend Laura and we took the kiddos. The key to shopping with kids in Target is POPCORN. We sauntered through the store and got our cheap stuff (thank you national pricing Target!). I WILL BE BACK!!! :)

I took the kids on a walk one day to get us out of the house while the internet people were in our apartment with Will. It was too cold to go far so we stopped in for french fries!

The weather is going to be warming up a little this week but today was still a little chilly. I decided to take advantage of the zoo (we have a membership) while it was still pretty sparse of people. Edith LOVED it. We went in the fall and met some friends but it had been a while. Edith loved naming the animals, watching the sea lions in the water, and looking at the different exhibits. She fed the sheep and wanted more food to do it again! It was a really fun outing and our little Brooklyn Zoo is the perfect size for her to explore. It's only 40 minutes away by train and we will be back!!

Although Winter has been cold and tough, we know that 2015-2016 was "Mild" and that winter is not completely over yet. Last year there were still snows in late March! We're trying to get out while we can and explore this awesome city. Brooklyn/ NYC is such a fun place to raise kids!


  1. Rebekah I LOVE your positive upbeat attitude - You are amazing and I KNOW that you're making a positive difference in the lives of your church women and friends up there. Keep up the great work. I love reading about your adventures in New York!

  2. AND of course your own family! (I should have proofed)


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