February - Snow and Cabin Fever

After the blizzard the snow melted in most places pretty quickly but the Shore Road park held on for a while! Edith and I bundled up in snow clothes and went to play in it one more time. 

We walked to Starbucks and got a treat. She was SO silly and I got several cute videos of her right here... including one where she says "War Eagle, Hey!" (the "battle cry" of our alma mater, Auburn University). 

All of that snow playing wore her out. This picture of Edith and her stuffed animals makes me smile. She sleeps with so many buddies!

Adventures in (never ending) potty training...

We have had several little snows that last for a few hours but just make everything so BEAUTIFUL for a little while. This picture is on our block: 

And, semi-related: All of these cold snowy days have us a little stir-crazy and we have been inside more than I prefer (even though we try to leave the house everyday. Edith and her Daniel Tiger were hiding behind the cushions here!).

Snow... you're pretty beautiful but I'm ready for the warm temps again! I'm so thankful for a "mild" first NYC winter!