Crossroads Mommy Meet Ups and Women's Brunch

When I went to the pastor's retreat in January, I was encouraged by some other pastor's wives about what they are doing to be involved in their churches. With two small kids my involvement can be limited at times, but I felt motivation to just go ahead and plan some things that I can do and enjoy doing! 

For the past two months, I've hosted a "mommy meet up" with women from our church. It has been in our home but once our church office is renovated, we aim to meet there because it is in a central location and not upstairs. 

The first Mommy Meet Up, I planned a Valentines Day craft! We had 5 mamas and 7 kids! I was pleased with the turnout and it was a really fun time. 

Also Crossroads Related... I'm on greeting duty a few times out of the month, and this was the forecast on my turn one week. It was SO COLD. I stood outside for about 15-20 minutes but ended up going inside because I couldn't feel my body ha!

We also held a Women's Brunch at our church office space. It was a great turnout and lots of fun having extra time to spend with the awesome ladies at Crossroads. There was SO much food! 

For the second Mommy Meet Up (last week) I made homemade, from-scratch biscuits for the first time! They were delicious and I plan to make them again soon! We had another great group of moms and kiddos! When the doorbell rang I told Edith friends were coming, and she ran to the door yelling "FRIENDS!!!!"

And lastly, here are a few pictures of my people at church in the nursery.

We are thankful for our church. I'm excited to find ways to be involved and to get to know the women here. Community is my love language, and I'm hoping to just keep digging in!