Long walks (95 street park!)

If the weather is in the 40s then we are going on a walk. If it is in the 50s (rare winter days) then we are definitely not going to be in the house! There's this park on 95th street and 7th Avenue that my kids both enjoy. It's about a 20 ish block walk for us to get there but it is worth it. My mom gave us a Dunkin Donuts gift card for Valentine's Day and I will stop in for donuts on the way and the kids get a "yummy snack" on the way to the park. There's a building with a mirror window that we always stop to giggle at. 

We've been to this park several times in the last few months because I enjoy the exercise, the kids do great on the walks, and we love this park! (Mirror window below - kids typically wave at it, I wonder what the people inside think??)

We are really working on Israel gaining independence on the playground. This park is usually not that busy so we can work with him on walking around and pulling up without too many stares. What I like about this park is that I can be giving Israel one on one attention and Edith is still visible and stuck in that space. Some of the other parks she can wander off and I get nervous about how far she could go before I notice.

I also love this park because of the handicap swing! This is the only park in Bay Ridge that I have found that has one.

My kids love the whale slide.

They also love spotting airplanes! There are always so many airplanes!

I'm thankful for good long walks, fun outings with my kids, and a park that my kids can enjoy.