Edith: 2.5 Years Old

Well, I'm definitely behind on this but technically Edith is still two-and-a-half so here's an update! 

Edith is a total SPONGE right now. She is learning so much every day and it is so fun to watch her explore and pick up new things. I swear she learns several new words every day and she continues to surprise me by saying things I never taught her, or little phrases that are appropriate but she didn't know! She just makes my heart want to burst with pride and joy because she is such a delight. 

Edith is wearing 24 month /2T clothes and size 5/6 shoes. She's still wearing size 4 diapers and is NOT "showing the signs" of potty training unless you count sobbing whenever I put her on the potty as one?? I'm in no hurry to potty train and she doesn't have any interest in it either. 

Edith loves tea parties - she grabs my hand and says "tea party!" and we head to her room to play. She likes for me to sit in a specific chair and her to sit in a specific place. She lines everything up just right and then we play. She loves sniffing flowers, making piles and pretending to be row row a boat, ride horseys or crawl like kitty cats. 

Order is such a thing for her (just like daddy). She will line up toys and cups in rows. I will look on my dresser and she's lined up my makeup. She loves to get into things she shouldn't get in, like my makeup or the drawer with the kitchen utensils. She will climb on things to reach what she wants. She grunts at the door of the refrigerator as she attempts to open it for milk. 

Edith loves her brother "brah-yer" and will give him hugs and kisses. She tackles him and lays on top of him for big bear hugs. They splash each other in the tub and she will make funny faces at him in the stroller. She doesn't like it when he messes up her tea party or doesn't participate in the exact way she wants him to play. She is not that great at sharing but we are working on it. 

Edith loves Daniel Tiger, Super Why, and will watch most PBS shows. She acts out all of the songs on "Mother Goose Club." She gives Ugga Mugga (Daniel Tiger) kisses and says "bugga mugga!" She wears a cape (an Ethiopian flag) on her back and says she is Super Why. She loves singing "I like you, I like you just the way you are" (Daniel Tiger song). She carries a Tigey (Daniel Tiger stuffed animal) around everywhere and is on her second one because the first was so gross and falling apart! Her favorite screen time activity is watching videos of herself that are saved on my phone. She will reenact them and imitate facial expressions. She is her biggest fan. 

Edith is an explorer and loves dirt and sticks and trees. When we go to the park she loves to climb and jump and swing, but she always goes for the messy mud piles. I am pretty much guaranteed to need to change her clothes after a park trip. I recently introduced her to jumping in puddles and she loved splashing "splash splash" with her hands and feet. 

She's still a really picky eater but she loves carrots, blueberries and strawberries the most. If she's hungry she will bring me an entire bunch of bananas from the kitchen. If she likes her food she will grunt "mmm mm!" If she doesn't like what I have served her, she will climb in her chair, look at the plate, and walk away. It's a real problem, especially because it makes Israel want to get down too!

Two and a half is SO SASSY. Edith can throw down some major tantrums and will sob over absolutely nothing. Sometimes she just gets out of the crib and lays down on the floor face first and I have no idea what just happened. When it is naptime and she doesn't want to go to bed, she will throw everything out of her crib over and over and get madder and madder. She still naps 1.5-3 hours! Before nap she has to round up all of her stuffed animal friends and throw them into the crib and she won't rest until all of her favorite stuffed animals are situated. 

Edith can give the best snuggles. When she hasn't seen her dad all day, she runs and tackles him with a big bear hug. When I have left to go somewhere and come back, she shouts "Ma! Ma! Ma!" when I come back and she will run from across the apartment to greet me. She loves "friends" and is a sweet little hostess. She enjoys church nursery and especially the cleanup portion when she gets to break down the floor mats. 

Edith goes to the gym childcare several times a week and she typically enjoys it and always waves "bah-ye! bah-ye!" in her southern drawl as we leave. She's really easy to run errands with and we go to the store several times a week for groceries or things. 

Edith knows her whole alphabet and recognizes letters everywhere we go. She will say "A - apple! B- book! C- cat.. meow! D - duck...quack quack!" She loves puzzles and will do them over and over again. She can count to 19 sometimes! She knows shapes and a few colors. I am seriously so in awe of her little brain and how easily things come. I know this may seem really braggy and annoying and I have often cringed reading other people's blogs about how great your kid is when I felt like my special needs child was just slipping farther and farther behind. 

Edith has been such a gift for me in many ways, but one of those has been because of her brother. She balances us out, forces us to play. She has been grace to me when I needed it. Her sweetness is so needed in our home. She makes me feel like I'm a good mom when she just does things and I have been doing those things over and over and over for years with Israel and he still doesn't get it. I have two completely different parenting experiences going on in my home, and they both have their challenges and benefits.

At this point at 2.5 Edith is my little sidekick. We're together all day every day and we are just so in tune with each other. It is so fun parenting her. (It's not fun sometimes too ... 2 year olds!) At this stage it just keeps getting more fun and I feel so blessed to watch her learn and grow everyday!

Loves sidewalk chalk: 

Can make herself very comfortable:

Is weirdly attached to Tim Keller's Center Church book. 

Likes to play with our mailboxes and press the button to exit the building all by herself.

Can destroy a room in 2 seconds. 

Sleeps with 7-8 stuffed animals and is still in a crib. 

Travels around the city like a champ.

Loves to empty bins, buckets or boxes to sit in them. Also, she has crazy hair every day. 

Loves her little people. 

Can pout on command.

THIS GIRL! Love her so much. 2.5 is my new favorite. 


  1. Edith is adorable!!!... now going toward age 3 - I always said it was my favorite. You're a good Mommy, Rebekah, as I always knew you would be. Miss you!


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