Random Snapshots

Summer is coming to a close. I feel pretty proud of myself because this was the longest summer ever! I'm really thankful for it though, and I know that I have a sweeter bond with my kiddos, and they are closer for it. Sometimes I grab my big camera when I'm around the house and take a few snapshots of the kids, these are the little moments that don't really mean too much, but mean everything at the same time. I'm so aware that their lives are happening so quickly and that the days are long but years are short, as they say!

As you can see, Israel got a haircut recently! Also note that Edith is our messmaker, she loves to climb in things and we have worn out that box.

I'm so proud of Israel for getting so strong this summer, being able to get on all 4s and doing it himself!

Some photos from my iphone:

It's been a fun summer and I'm thankful for the time with them at home!