Last Sunday of Summer

Sunday was another great day for us. We have really tried to keep a Sunday routine. We walk to church and I've started to stand on the front steps with Will and greet people. I have enjoyed getting a few moments to chat with people, especially because I normally have to hurry home after church because of cranky, sleepy kids!

This week I was able to help the pre-k class instead of the nursery, and that was really fun! Sunday is when we do laundry drop-off, so we loaded up. It cracks me up that Edith knows how to press the button then push the latch to get out of our building!

er church and naps and laundry drop off, we went to Jean Danet Bakery, which is right around the corner. We go there every Sunday and have befriended the two workers who work on Sunday, they are starting school this week too so pray for D and S! Every week Will and Edie share a gelato and Israel gets 1-2 cookies :)

Afterwards, we walked to the park and the kids played hard.

We had a successful day and these moments spent as a family are so sweet.