Labor Day - Prospect Zoo & Prospect Park

On Labor Day we wanted to do something big and fun, since Israel will be starting school this week. We decided to use our Zoo pass and check out Prospect Zoo. I'll be honest, it wasn't a great experience because one of our kids was really upset the whole time. But, it was good to check out the zoo so we know what to expect. There are several indoor exhibits, so we can come back when the weather is colder!

Afterwards we walked around Prospect Park, and Israel fell asleep! So we walked around a bit and then parked it by the lake. Edith had a snack, and Will and I got a coke! It was really relaxing especially after a stressful zoo trip.

We went to the Imagination Park inside Prospect and had a blast there. It was the last weekend of having water elements turned on in the parks, so we wanted to go one last time.

This park is a lot of fun for Edith because she can play peek-a-boo in the area where there's cut out animals. She loved this! She also loved the statue of the boy and the dog. We've visited this park before and she was obsessed with it last time too!

Although the day had it's harder moments, overall it was a good outing. We had a very interesting walk back because it was the day of the West Indian Parade, and there were costumed people everywhere! I would post pictures but it was basically glorified, glittery lingerie with headpieces!